Wellness Resources

Physical Wellness

Your body is your temple and if taken proper care then it can do wonders. Diets, exercise, and good sleep can do wonders. Unfortunately, this natural process is hampered due to COVID-19. Staying more at home one can build physical wellness using stretching exercises, Yoga - Asanas and Pranayama.

Yoga will help build immunity and stay healthy.

Mental Wellness

Truth - Nothing is impossible for the mind. Fact - One has to take care of the mind to make it reach its highest potential. But this is only possible when the mind is stress-free. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 forcing us to stay at home and not allowing us to go out freely can bring loneliness and tension. Stress is a direct invitation to diseases. Meditation can beat stress and rejuvenates your mind instantly:

Here are couple sites to help meditate and improve mental health:


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