Best Outsourcing Solutions for Business Processes

Our BPO offerings streamline your business operations. Systemart equips your team to handle more work responsibilities at lower cost and allows you to concentrate more on your core business activities.

Business Process Services

Scalable multi-domain outsourcing services

At Systemart, our BPO services are crafted to tackle your operational challenges with ease, effectively becoming an extension of your business. We shift the focus from a people-centric to a process-driven approach, ensuring long-term efficiency in task management. Our access to a global workforce means that disruptions due to weather are significantly reduced.

In today's fast-moving, ultra-competitive world, our BPO solutions are your ally in enhancing performance, keeping your costs under control, and achieving consistent, reliable results. By tapping into our global teams, we help you meet and exceed customer expectations, freeing up your in-house staff to concentrate on the core aspects of your business.

Our BPO offerings are not just services; they're tools to elevate your business efficiency. We enable your team to take on broader roles and responsibilities, giving you the freedom to focus more on strategic business growth. With Systemart, it's all about empowering your business for a brighter, more efficient future.

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Support Services

Support Services

Improve the quality of your services and delivery to the client, with our wide spectrum of remote IT support services.


Human Resource Management

Outsourcing human resources responsibilities can help businesses contain costs, decrease organizational burdens, reserve confidentiality, and improve organizational efficiency.

Staff Augmentation

Finance & Accounting Services

Includes organizational, analytical, and recording services for the financial activities of a business, and maintaining financial transaction life cycle.


Knowledge Process Services

Design and implement technologies, strategies and resource models to improve operational processes.


Compliance & Risk Management

Increase higher economic returns and boost goodwill among stakeholders by providing turnkey compliance and reporting solutions.


Video Surveillance Audit

Systemart's Video Surveillance Audit Service provides business owners with operational and compliance audit details in their absence in a concise manageable manner with pictorial proofs during their absence on a weekly basis.

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Engagement Model

Systemart's engagement model improves business information flow and business process organization.

Best Fit :

Clients who have long term plan for BPO

Pricing Option : Fixed Price

Delivery Option : Offshore

Best Fit :

Clients who are considering developing an offshore BPO unit.

Pricing Option : Please Contact us for more details

Delivery Option : Offshore

Best Fit :

Cilents with temporary need and leverage.

Pricing Option : Fixed Price

Delivery Option : Offshore


Dedicated (Captive) Center

Provide dedicated team supervisore and facillity to client processes.

Best Fit :Clients who have long term plan for BPO

Pricing Option :Fixed Price

Delivery Option :Offshore


B-O-T (Build Operate Transfer)

Similar to Dedicated Center With an option to transfer ownership to you after an agreed upon time frame.

Best Fit :Clients who are considering developing an offshore BPO unit.

Pricing Option :Please Contact us for more details

Delivery Option :Offshore


Flexible Resources

Provide resources with a specific skill for a defined time with defined acceptance criteria.

Best Fit :Cilents with temporary need and leverage.

Pricing Option :Fixed Price

Delivery Option :Offshore

Value Proposition

Business Process

Lower Cost


Data security maintained


Improved quality


Quick response time


Process innovation


Customized solutions


Transparent process


Higher productivity


Client can focus on core competency

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We deliver higher operational effectiveness, increase flexibility and reduce operating costs through our BPO solutions.