MBE group members include US citizens who are Hispanic, Black, Asian, or Native American. Ownership by minority entails that minority group member’s control at least 51% of the stock, and also have said majority control over day-to-day management of the business.

There are organizations that will aid small businesses in their process of getting certified, one that involves quite a bit of paperwork. The benefits of getting an MBE or WBE certification are that firms that hold such certifications can bid on contracts that mandate a certain percentage of business must go to women and minority owned firms.

Systemart is an Certified MBE Company that works to insure your certification process is smooth and simple. We have created a simple and straightforward business offer that presents an excellent opportunity to meet with buyers who seek qualified MBE’s.

We conduct an expansive business overview of upcoming and current MBE’s.

Advantages of becoming a Certified Minority Supplier include:

  • Certification is nationally recognized
  • National, regional and local referrals to buy entity members
  • Benefits of MBE to MBE and multi-tier business
  • Getting free business consulting on contract and finance opportunities
  • Collaborate with other MBE companies to provide larger solutions
  • Learning seminars and tools availability
  • Network to support and facilitate MBE integration into corporate and public-sector supply chains