Systemart provides Business Intelligence Services which help organizations to access historical, current and predictive views of business operations by using technologies, processes, and applications to analyze mostly internal, structured data and business processes.

Our Business Intelligence solutions promote intelligent performance and help you make the most of your company's big asset - your information. From consolidating and managing your information in a data warehouse to enabling self-service reporting and dashboard performance management, we will ensure that users across your organization have access to business data they need in order to make informed business decisions. Your data will be consolidated and stored in a format that is optimal for reporting and drill-down analytics.

If you’re looking to grow your business through a third-party investor, it requires accurate information about the potential risk and entities. With our highly experienced and global network, advanced technology and legitimate business analytics solutions, we help you to overcome from critical decisions confidently and minimize the risk.

Drive Better Outcomes with Our Business Intelligence Solutions (BI & Analytic)

Having knowledge about your business and market – and knowing it earlier and faster is the best way to acquire a competitive edge to boost swiftness and capability.

Systemart’s Business Intelligence Services technique emphasizes on three things:

  • Amplifying and building Robust Reporting Platforms
  • Integrating mobile capability from get-go
  • Incorporates self-service capabilities gathering BI & Analytics across the enterprise.


BI Technologies Supported

oraclemy-sqlteradata ibmms-sql

ETL Tools

informatica windows

Business Intelligence (BI)

micro-strategy windows cognos qlik




Systemart also has services like Application Data Migration, Remote Infrastructure Support Services, SEO Services, SMO Services, etc.