Systemart Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) helps companies develop, implement and optimize recruitment processes and recruitment strategies. Our best RPO Services program can help you source, recruit and on board talent to achieve significant strategic advantage and cost savings with sustainable results.

With our Recruiting Process Outsourcing Company solutions, your recruitment team can effectively focus on their core activities of client and candidate interactions, while we take care of the identification and selection management as a specialist.

Why Systemart Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services?

As a recruiting business your firm starts to pick up and your company is ready to grow again so that the number of new hires can skyrocket. Systemart RPO Services manages screening, sourcing and measurement strategies for your entire company, while your HR team  manages the interviews, hire sand on boarding processes.

Exploring Systemart RPO Services, you have a company that not only has an experience delivering solutions across the range of hindrances but also be able to represent different amount of cost, potential rewards and risk for your business.

Our RPO Service Portfolio includes:

End to End RPO

Management of the entire recruiting process lifecycle

Selective RPO

Management of select recruiting process components (e.g., sourcing, screening etc.)

On Demand RPO

Management of short-term projects and pilots (e.g., hiring surges, on-demand needs, startups, etc.)

Integration with HR BPO

Seamless integration of recruitment solutions with HR BPO